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About Rebecca Rushton & Blister Prevention

Welcome to Blister Prevention USA.

Under BlisterPod LLC since 2019, Blister Prevention brings the best blister product brands, prices and expert advice to you. We ship daily from our fulfilment center in Lakewood, New Jersey with same day dispatch for orders received before 2pm EDT. Select your choice of shipping carrier from UPS, USPS or Fedex. With tracking capabilities on all orders shipped, you can feel safe your package will arrive safe and fast.

We care about our customers and your satisfaction is very important to us. With Australian podiatrist and blister specialist Dr Rebecca Rushton at the helm, you can be assured of expert pre-sales and after-sales support, every time. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

It was 2008 and it took 8 minutes…

Eight minutes to get blisters on my heels!

Out of sheer frustration, I committed myself to finding out why my own foot blisters were so difficult for me, a podiatrist, to prevent. I spent a couple of years of experimenting and reading the scientific research on foot blisters and documented it all in The Advanced Guide To Blister Prevention so I could get to the bottom of my blister problem.

Since then, I’ve been helping my patients and the broader active and athletic community manage their blister situations better through this, the Blister Prevention website, my course called Fix My Foot Blisters FastYouTube channelThe Blister Prone Athlete’s Guide To Preventing Foot Blisters book and by volunteering at multiday ultramarathon and hiking events – including the ANZAC Ultra (2015)Big Red Run (2016)Oxfam Trailwalker (2017) and three episodes of the Adelaide 6-Day Ultramarathon (20142018, 2019 – and the upcoming 2020 event). All of my “blister work” now comes under the BlisterPod banner which is the name of my company and product trademark.

Rebecca Rushton BSc(Pod) is AHPRA registered and a member of The Australasian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine and Sports Medicine Australia.

With a thorough understanding of the research, a podiatry background with over 25 years clinical experience (1993 Curtin University graduate) and blister prone feet myself, I have a unique perspective on blister management. But I’m a far cry from an academic. What I do possess is the ability to bridge the gap between academia and the everyday person. You can read some reviews on WhitecoatBlister Prevention’s Facebook page or by clicking the Yotpo reviews icon below.

As a thought-leader on this subject, I’ve raised debate and influenced the narrative around blister management in recent years. You might have noticed a shift occurring in the “what causes blisters” conversation – it’s less about heat, moisture and rubbing and more about shear forces (ie: the skin stretching). This distinction might seem minor, but it matters for blister outcomes! Examples of this include:

Other than that, I’m a self-employed full time private podiatrist at Esperance Podiatry. I’ve lived in Esperance on the south coast of Western Australia since 2000 and can’t imagine living anywhere else. If you’ve ever been here, you’ll know why!

Here’s a photo of me, my partner Sandy and our groodle Mazey at our favourite beach.