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Best Blister Kits: Now Available In The USA

BlisterPod ADVANCED Blister Kit usa

Best Blister Kits: Now Available In The USA

Exceedingly common, painful, and frustrating to deal with, blisters are an infamous scourge of the physically active. They arise from a complex range of factors affecting the surface of the foot. As a result, it takes meticulous prevention and targeted treatment to achieve satisfactory relief. Historically, even the best blister kits lack in scope, leaving the feet deprived of optimal attention when out in the field. Until now, that is.

Podiatrist and foot blister specialist Rebecca Rushton has a better understanding of foot blisters than most. Armed with a medical knowledge of blister causes, preventions and treatments, she has compiled three BlisterPod blister kits which are now available in the USA. Each strike a balance between blister management capabilities, weight/bulk and usage scenarios.

When you need a blister kit

It can be difficult to compile the supplies necessary to combat this form of dermatological trauma. Whether purchasing a ready-made kit or compiling your own, it can be a trade-off between an all-encompassing suite of contents, and the weight/bulk of the resulting pack. These incongruous requirements were at the fore when developing BlisterPod’s three blister kits.

BlisterPod presents an assortment of 3 medical-grade blister kits. With multiple levels of coverage to suit every level of need, you’ll be sure to find one that suits your lifestyle. This handy guide will help you choose your blister kit.

1. BlisterPod ULTRA Blister Kit

The ULTRA Blister Kit is an all-inclusive pack with the intention of providing an abundance of options in blister care and prevention over multiple days. Considering it’s 60 components, this kit is relatively compact at just under 8in x 6in x 2in and 8.8 Oz. The low-profile durable storage pouch reduces in size as you use components, ensuring minimum bulk in your backpack at any time while addressing any and all blisters that one may encounter.

Our best blister kit complication - the BlisterPod ULTRA Blister Kit
BlisterPod ULTRA Blister Kit – Learn more

Like most of BlisterPod’s blister kits, the ULTRA contains gear unique to any other kit. This includes ENGO Blister Patches, gel toe caps and sleeves, hydrocolloid blister plasters, BlisterShield powder, an array of island dressings of different shapes and sizes, Fixomull Stretch tape, podiatry felt and Poron. There is no other blister kit with any of these products in them, let alone all of them. Plus there’s the basics, like antiseptic, sterile cotton wool and cotton buds, adhesive enhancer and lances. Watch the ULTRA Blister Kit video here.

Of particular use, this kit also features the popular blister care flowchart to ensure guidance is always at hand. The ULTRA Blister Kit is a must-have for long treks, multi-day expeditions and ultramarathon events, as it gives you all-encompassing blister management capabilities for true peace of mind.

2. BlisterPod ADVANCED Blister Kit

The ADVANCED Blister Kit is designed to provide an advanced level of blister care for most blister situations. While slimming down on the overall bulk of the equipment provided. Like the ULTRA, ADVANCED also features the advanced blister products of ENGO Blister Patches, gel toe sleeves, hydrocolloid blister plasters and podiatry felt. These items are invariably lacking in every other kit on the market.

BlisterPod ADVANCED Blister Kit
BlisterPod ADVANCED Blister Kit – Learn more

Similar to the ULTRA, the ADVANCED Blister Kit is carefully packaged in a convenient soft-cover carrying pouch. The pouch compresses as components are used to keep bulk to a minimum. Used for day trips, in drop bags and your gym bag, our intention was to greatly reduce the difficulty involved in proper blister care while making as little of an impact as possible on your load. Watch the ADVANCED BLISTER KIT video here.


It also has the popular Blister Treatment Flowchart to help you navigate the blister care process every time.

And last but not least…

3. BlisterPod Sterile Blister Lance Pack

In most situations, blisters don’t need to be popped and drained. There may be times, however, when leaving them alone is not the best option. This is where the Sterile Blister Lance Pack comes in.

This pack provides everything necessary to drain problematic blisters. Painlessly and effectively while minimizing the associated risk of infection. This kit looks like a more traditional bare-bones “basic” blister kit. It’s certainly minimalistic, but it’s comprehensive in two very important ways:

  • There’s enough of each item to provide 4 distinct lancing and blister treatment episodes
  • Every item within it is sterile

It includes step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process of lancing your blister safely and painlessly. And treating it afterwards. Packaged simply in a zip-lock bag to minimize bulk even further, it measures 2in x 2.8in x 1in and weighs under one ounce. Watch the Sterile Blister Lance Pack video here.


The Sterile Blister Lance Pack is used by people who find themself with a large blister but have never popped a blister before. They don’t know what gear they need, how to get it and how to perform the procedure. It’s also used by very active people who are no strangers to foot blisters. They want to add the best blister kit gear for lancing their blisters to their current first aid kits so it’s there when they need it.

The best blister kit for you?

If you know you’re blister prone and blisters are a common struggle you face, or you take part in activities where blisters are common, you should seriously consider the all-inclusive coverage of the BlisterPod ULTRA Blister Kit. It has been designed with you in mind. It will help you prevent and treat the blisters you are likely to encounter during multi-day hikes, and runs. And it’s essential if you’re taking your activity to a new level. For example, if you’ve signed up to an ultramarathon, a charity walk, if you’re going to hike PCT, and the like.

If you need some peace-of-mind that you’re prepared for most blister situations that may come your way, but have a desire to pack light, the BlisterPod Advanced Blister Kit has been designed with you in mind. It’s perfect for day trips where you can stock up if needed after a few days, or in your gym bag, or if you just want to add some specialist blister products to your basic first aid kit.

If you simply have a need to pop your blister safely, the BlisterPod Sterile Blister Lance Pack is designed to help you pop your blisters safely and painlessly and perform basic blister treatment to avoid subsequent infection.

All kits consist of medical-grade, specialist foot blister equipment. Plus easy-to-follow comprehensive step-by-step instructions are included. Components are sterile where possible to afford you the best level of protection. What’s more, all three BlisterPod blister kits are available in the United States now. We ship daily from New Jersey with same day dispatch for orders received before 12pm EST.

If you’re still not convinced, consider what some of our satisfied customers have to say:

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Where to buy blister kits USA

Purchase your BlisterPod Blister Kit from BlisterPreventionUSA. We ship daily (weekdays) from Lakewood, New Jersey. You’ll enjoy same day dispatch on orders placed before midday with low flat rate shipping.

Rebecca Rushton

Podiatrist, blister prone ex-hockey player, foot blister thought-leader, author and educator. Can’t cook. Loves test cricket.

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