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Where To Buy ENGO Blister Patches USA (& Why)

ENGO Blister Patches USA

Where To Buy ENGO Blister Patches USA (& Why)

Everyone will know the feeling at least once in their life. Long hours, aching feet, the breath of relief in finally pulling off the culprits – only to discover reddened, painful blisters at the end of the day. An unpleasant reminder of the day’s demands, or a strenuous athletic performance, and a period of uncomfortable recovery to follow. Blisters are common when breaking in a new pair of shoes, walking even moderate distances, or any number of otherwise normal activities for some. Many of our customers (who buy ENGO Blister Patches) subject their feet to long distance running and thru-hiking in pursuit of achieving athletic and adventure goals, only for blisters to be an insufferable and chronic nuisance.

Enter ENGO Blister Patches

ENGO Blister Patches are an innovative solution that bind to the footwear itself. Proudly made here in the USA, they protect the wearer from harmful friction. Significantly, ENGO Patches provide a worry-free fix that circumvents the constant cleanup and reapplication that most single-use solutions require, like powders, lubes and tapes. Powerful relief that is easy to apply, ENGO Blister Patches have earned a sterling reputation among its many satisfied customers.

engo blister patches in use
ENGO Blister Patches in use

How They Work

ENGO Blister Patches work wholly and solely by reducing friction levels. Here’s an example (video below).

[Video] Watch how ENGO Blister Patches work

The 4 ENGO Patch Shapes

The patches come in 4 shapes and 6 convenient packs. Let’s look at the shapes first. Here’s a handy guide to help you choose the best blister solution for your blisters.

ENGO Blister Patch shape selection guide
ENGO Blister Patch shapes selection guide

1) Small Oval Patches

Small ovals are just as easy to apply to any area of the shoe and are particularly useful around the toes. Be sure to remove the laces to get full access to the deep parts of the toebox.

2) Large Oval Patches

Large ovals are the most versatile patch shape, suitable for all but the biggest blisters, and are the easiest to apply to any part of your shoe.

3) Heel Patches

Heel patches are shaped to give you perfect coverage for the back of your heel. They will work in all shoes, from dress shoes to running shoes to cleats. Care should be taken during application to ensure even placement. Our quick how-to video should give great insight into the best ways to do it.

4) Rectangle Patches

Rectangle patches are best suited to the innersole for large-area coverage. Particularly under the ball of the foot and arch. Their massive coverage ensures maximum large-scale blister relief. And they’re great in boots and skates at the back of the heel.

Which ENGO Pack to buy?

Now let’s look at the six convenient ENGO Packs you can buy.

Buy ENGO Heel Pack

The Heel-Pack is the perfect option for those with problematic blisters at the back of the heel in any shoe from running shoes, casual shoes, dress shoes to high heels. See the video below for some tips to apply them to your shoes so they stick well and last as long as possible.

[Video] How to apply ENGO Heel Patches

Buy ENGO 4-Pack

The 4-Pack is used for blisters at the big toes, bunions, under the ball of the foot and arch. And for edge blisters. You can even use them at the back of the heel instead of heel patches as they give you just about the same coverage. They’ll go in any shoe, on any insole or orthotic.

Buy ENGO 6-Pack

The 6-Pack is our most popular seller. It offers all the uses of the 4-Pack, with a couple of small ovals for toe protection.

Buy ENGO Rectangle Pack

The Rectangle Pack is great for those with large blisters, especially on the bottoms of the feet. Massive coverage ensures maximum efficacy for blister prevention. Choose these for back-of-heel blisters in boots, skis and skates.

Buy ENGO Combo Pack

The Combo Pack provides the perfect opportunity for users to experiment with all that these patches have to offer.

Buy ENGO 30-Pack

The 30-Pack of large ovals is ideal for families, teams, and runners who may have multiple shoes to cover. Any experienced user can benefit from the bulk value of this option.

How To Install ENGO Patches

The patches are easy to apply, but proper installation is key to longevity. Please read this article for helpful tips and tricks to ensure your patches last as long as possible. Also, the video below shows how to apply all 4 ENGO Patch shapes to shoes and insoles in all sorts of ways.

[Video] Demonstration of applying all 4 ENGO Patch shapes to all parts of the shoe, insole and orthotic.

There’s a special kind of blister that requires a special kind of application technique. That blister is called an edge blister, and the technique is called the Two-Patch Technique. Take a look at the video below.

[Video] How to use ENGO Patches for edge blisters (the two-patch technique)

How long do they last?

Nothing lasts forever, although, these patches often outlast your shoPut es. After about 300 miles, you may notice the blue patches wearing to white, meaning it’s finally time to get a replacement. You can buy your ENGO Patches here.

Put simply, ENGO Patches are guaranteed to perform. We provide a full replacement or money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

[Video] How to help your ENGO Patches last and last and last!

Where to buy ENGO Blister Patches USA

ENGO Blister Patches are proudly made in the USA, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As an approved worldwide seller of ENGO Patches, we ship daily (weekdays) from Lakewood, New Jersey. When you buy ENGO Blister Patches from us, you’ll enjoy same day dispatch on orders placed before midday. And unparalleled support for any ENGO or any general blister queries you may have with podiatrist of over 25 years, Dr Rebecca Rushton.

The one blister they won’t work for

Naturally, ENGO Blister Patches do not address interdigital blisters, as they have no contact with these areas. That is, unless you’re wearing toesocks and use this special technique. And they won’t stop toenail blisters if long nails are the issue. If running into any obstacles, our website provides a wealth of guidance.

Not sure which ENGO Pack suits your blister situation? Read our copious customer testimonials – they are sure to get you the answers you need in minutes. We also welcome you to contact us directly anytime. We’re always very happy to help.

Rebecca Rushton

Podiatrist, blister prone ex-hockey player, foot blister thought-leader, author and educator. Can’t cook. Loves test cricket.

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