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BlisterPod Gel Toe Protectors In The USA

blisterpod gel toe protectors usa

BlisterPod Gel Toe Protectors In The USA

Gel toe protectors are one of the best solutions available for toe blister prevention, in our humble opinion. Silipos and ZenToes have countless happy customers using their silicone gel toe protectors in the USA and around the world for their corns, calluses and other toe irritations. Some even use them for blisters, with mixed results, however.

Born from a need to address the finicky problem of toe blisters among the physically active, BlisterPod has designed two advanced gel solutions for avid hikers, long distance runners and sports people of all persuasions. With 2-3 times more cushioning than the aforementioned brands, BlisterPod Gel Toe Protectors are now available in the USA, shipping daily from Lakewood, New Jersey.

gel toe protectors usa

What’s so special about the BlisterPod brand compared to others?

While similar gel toe protectors are also hypoallergenic, latex-free, washable, reusable and can be cut to any length without fraying, the BlisterPod brand is different in four important ways:

1) Cushioning

BlisterPod Gel Toe Protectors offer a generous 2mm layer of gel. That’s at least twice as much as Silipos, ZenToes, Chiroplax and Walmart. This ensures maximum performance even in heavy sporting use.

2) Stretch

The superior stretch of the BlisterPod protectors means a comfortable conforming fit is assured. In this way, BlisterPod Gel Toe Protectors will never slip off and never feel too tight. This is in contrast to ZenToes in particular. The BlisterPod snug-fitting toe cocoons give all-around gel support to the toes and aim to prevent the formation of blisters from the outset.

3) Easy sizing

An additional benefit to the soft stretchy materials selected by BlisterPod is, only two sizes are needed. Wide is for the big toe, narrow if for all other toes. One of the most difficult aspect of purchasing ZenToes protectors is deciding which of the three sizes you need for your toes.

4) Longevity

The soft ribbed outer material of a gel toe protector enhances comfort and durability compared to mesh. And they’re certainly more durable than any raw gel outer finishes.

Gel toe CAPS or SLEEVES – Which one suits your needs?

Not sure if you need a SLEEVE or a CAP? It’s as easy as this:

Gel Toe Sleeves

If you need blister relief on the top, bottom or sides of your toes, a sleeve will provide it – in spades! The sleeves come 6in in length and are cut to fit comfortably and provide 3-4 toes with coverage. We provide two 6in length in each pack. That’s enough for 6-8 toes!

Gel Toe Caps

Similar in style and function to the sleeves, if you additionally need blister relief at the tip of your toe, a cap is the one to choose. Two gel caps are provided in each pack. They are 2.4in long and you simply cut off the excess length to fit your toe.

How to fit your gel toe protector

No matter what brand you purchase, whether it’s ZenToes, Silipos or BlisterPod, always cut your protector a little longer than your toe length. Then follow the steps in this video to ensure a perfect fit all-day fit.

How does gel work to prevent blisters?

To better understand the mechanics of our gel blister prevention, consider the following. Blisters form when shearing forces cause layers of the skin to separate. Our gel layer cushions, absorbs and dissipates those forces to render them incapable of harming the skin. This gives the perfect level of protection you need to stay on your feet and off the sidelines. And enough comfort that you should barely notice them there. Additionally, more information is available in our explanatory video: What causes blisters?

How gel reduces pressure: Carlson 2006 Tamarack HTI


No matter which gel toe protector brand you purchase, it’s important to note, these should not be used for the treatment of active blisters! While the gel toe protectors are one of the best options for preventing blisters, they are one of the worst for treating them. The gel will exacerbate existing blisters, and significantly increase the pain involved by causing skin maceration.

Where to Buy Gel Toe Protectors USA

All BlisterPod Gel Toe Caps and Sleeves can be purchased from BlisterPreventionUSA. We ship daily (weekdays) from Lakewood, New Jersey. You’ll enjoy same day dispatch on orders placed before midday with low flat-rate shipping.

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