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BlisterPod Sterile blister lance packBlisterPod Sterile blister lance pack

BlisterPod Sterile Blister Lance Pack


Got a blister you need to pop? Our Sterile Blister Lance Pack provides you with sterile blister care components to pop your blisters safely and avoid infection. Perform four lancing and blister treatment episodes with this pack. Includes step-by-step instructions on how to prepare your blister, perform the procedure and monitor it as it heals.


  • 3.5in x 5.5in x 0.8in (9cm x 14cm x 2cm)
  • Weight: 10oz (27g)
  • Packaged in magic seal bag


  • Popping (lancing) blisters
  • Including toenails blisters
  • Avoiding infection
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We ship daily from our fulfilment center in Lakewood, New Jersey with same day despatch for orders received before midday.

Contents of our BlisterPod Sterile Blister Lance Pack:

4 x Cutiplast island dressings 2.8in 2in (7.2cm x 5cm) (sterile)
4 x Povodine iodine antiseptic swabs
1 x 5 Cotton tip applicators (sterile)
1 x 5 Cotton wool balls or gauze (sterile)
2 x Scalpel blades size 15 (sterile)
2 x Hypodermic needles (sterile)
1 x Step-by-step instructions