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Professional Thick Toenail Clippers Now In The US

best toenail clippers for personal use

Professional Thick Toenail Clippers Now In The US

Toenail care is a fundamental task that has inspired many iterations of cutting devices. A quick look online shows there is no shortage of scissors and clippers on the market. Most are designed with normal nails in mind, or built down to a price. Several say they are designed with the intention of improving efficiency and reducing the painful consequences of problematic nails. But when put to the test, they fail miserably. They’re either blunt (or blunt quickly with use), they fail to grip the nail, making the task difficult to perform safely, or they’re just plain difficult to use. Moreover, even for professionals, there are a lot of instruments on the lower end of the price scale that couldn’t even be recommended for personal use. As a result, the search for capable thick toenail clippers and ingrown toenail clippers continues for many.

For those with problematic toenails, performance is everything. In fact, it’s the difference between solving a podiatric problem and seeing it fester. Thick, ingrown, fungal and curved nails – they can all prove too tricky for conventional clippers. Add to that, an array of other issues described below, you’ll soon realize a reliable pair of toenail clippers is invaluable when tackling such situations.

When cutting toenails becomes difficult

Bad backs, knees, and hips; even a few excess pounds can quickly make just reaching your toes a colossal endeavor. But let’s say you can get down there adequately. Staying down there long enough to perform the task is another thing entirely. Anyone with respiratory issues will testify to that. Arthritis in the hands or weakness in the wrist culminates in low grip strength and adds a further layer of difficulty. Finally, add any number of medical issues like circulation problems or peripheral neuropathy, and this quickly becomes not only a difficult task, but a dangerous one. The last thing you need is a sub-par pair of nail clippers adding to the difficulty and risk.
What is needed is a truly sharp set of clippers (stainless-steel of course) with a wide jaw that grip the nail, with design characteristics that maximize leverage and feel comfortable in the hand.

Given the scope of these requirements and potential pitfalls, is it even possible to address all of the above? Does a clipper exist that can tick all the boxes?

The answer is, Yes!

BlisterPod Toenail Clippers: Professional nail clippers for difficult-to-cut toenails

Australian company BlisterPod, with podiatrist Rebecca Rushton at the helm, has designed the perfect toenail clipper for thick toenails. It ticks all the boxes and features ergonomically-shaped soft rubber handles that make these clippers a pleasure to use.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Precision-honed cutting edges
  • Wide jaw
  • Concave cut
  • Sharp – and they stay sharp!
  • Grip the nail and won’t slip off
  • Excellent leverage requiring minimal effort
  • Unbelievably comfortable in the hand
  • Stable ergonomic grip
  • Leaf spring, plus a spare
  • Perfect for thick and ingrown toenails
  • Budget-priced
  • 10 year warranty
best toenail clippers for personal use
BlisterPod Toenail Clippers For Thick Toenails

Remarkably sharp out of the box, the curved stainless-steel cutting edges provide an excellent grip on the nail. In other words, there’s an easier snip without the risk of slip. This holds true for the thickest of toenails, and also the trickiest ingrown toenails.

The combination of ergonomic handles and sharp edges make these nail clippers the absolute best clippers for personal use. However, they come at a fraction of the cost of surgical-grade clippers used by reputable podiatrists!

Reliability, at a fraction of the cost

A reliable toenail clipper is essential to every household. You’ll have seen countless instruments available today that claim to be an effective solution for your podiatric needs. Few, as discussed, are up to the task of doing so effectively, efficiently, and for extended periods.

BlisterPod Toenail Clippers maintain a lasting sharp edge and will provide years of satisfaction. Perfect for families, adults with ruggedized nails from athletics or labor, and seniors with dense nails that have grown challenging to trim; BlisterPod’s thick toenail clippers can make an excellent gift for anyone with nails to care for. Available in a classy black gift box, effective nail care is a gift that keeps on giving. Therefore, why not consider purchasing a pair for yourself or your loved ones for natural, comfortable nail care, every time.

We provide same-day shipping from Lakewood, New Jersey on orders received before midday. Enjoy low cost secure shipping with tracking to ensure your order arrives on time.

Rebecca Rushton

Podiatrist, blister prone ex-hockey player, foot blister thought-leader, author and educator. Can’t cook. Loves test cricket.

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